A little about us.

Launched in November 2011.

We’ve showcased on catwalks of SA, London and Ghana exhibited in Berlin, Las Vegas and London as well. We now supply over 10 boutiques in the country. We’re also exporting into Puerto Rico, Dallas Texas and Namibia. We’ve just launched our online store and now aspire to many and greater things like our very own AMANDA MAY stand alone stores and more. 

Our company Amanda May Design and People is made up of a team of women. We design and create at our studio out in Kloof, Durban and outsource all our cmt work to our local women.

Some of what we do and and focus on: We design, and manufacture custom made garments for individual clients | We design and manufacture our ranges for each season which We supply boutiques, retailers and sell our product online and from our studio | We design and manufacture for mainstream like fashionable uniforms for specialized stores, schools and independent organizations.  

Where it all started.

Amanda Govender | Owner and Designer

Every fashion success has a story. I hope this is the beginning of mine.

I learnt how to sew from my grandmother who taught me on her old Singer machine. When learning how to sew was a necessity to have clothes, my fascination grew into the desire to create. (…I could make more than just normal)

I couldn’t help drawing anything and everything. Re-constructing all of my clothes and even my mum’s (who sometimes didn’t take too kindly to it.) Wearing what seemed to be strange amongst the other kids (sometimes even laughed at). Refusing to stop creating even making clothes for my dolls which I started selling to the kids in the neighbourhood.

All this life of mine I’ve been and am inspired by great women. Being a fashion designer or becoming one everyday is what makes sense to me, it’s what I am. The natural desire to create, to make something from anything and watch it become a piece that someone can relate to and feel good in.

How we got here.
After studying Fashion Design at the Natal Technikon in Kwa Zulu Natal, my career started in this incredible industry of fashion. From manufacturing for mainstream fashion houses, specialist buying portfolios with South Africa’s best fashion retailers, Trend Forecasting and extensive international travel. After ten years of looking at what went on behind the scenes of fashion for the masses that natural desire to create for the the individual became my biggest project I chose to undertake alongside my lifetime of being a mum and a wife.

Design Philosophy.
The ready-to-wear ranges and collection has a classic signature always inspired by living for the everyday lifestyle. The confident feminine shapes remain key in my collections with modern influences stirred with a personal quirky flair for that point of difference.

We design for confident-beautiful women.

Our Handwriting.
The classic inspired design and fall of the garments give them longevity so our lady can pull out something she’s bought a few seasons ago and still wear it today.

There is a careful play with youthful yet moderate styling which attracts both young and old to the brand. The versatility in the outcome of the design allows the customer to enjoy wearing Amanda May any way she pleases.

Our Inspiration.
The brand is naturally inspired by everyday life and movement.

The things that make life’s experiences either enjoyed or despised like our emotions, our actions and our attitude.

Amanda May dresses Women who knows who she is. She is confident and bold but also learning everyday. So her wardrobe exudes what she is.

We care about what’s happened (in our country’s past) but want to impact what is going to. The brand is about people,experience and sharing the love for beautiful things.

Our work.
We pride ourselves on creating a platform for local women to grow and be en powered through using and building the skill of producing timeless pieces of clothing. The initiative is to build a sustainable lifestyle in the community through knowledge and trade. OUR COMMUNITY.